Empowering Nagaland through Conservation and Green Initiatives

The Kenono Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Nagaland, India, dedicated to the conservation of forest biodiversity through sustainable rural development. Our vision is to create an equitable quality of life in harmony with nature for all citizens.

About The Kenono Foundation

The Kenono Foundation, based in Nagaland, India, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving forest biodiversity and supporting forest-dependent communities. Our holistic approach includes funding conservation efforts through community-based enterprises, as well as fostering holistic rural livelihoods for sustainable development. 

By integrating environmental conservation with community empowerment, we aim to achieve sustainable development and preserve the natural landscapes of our region.

What We're Solving For

Our mission is to be an institutional structure for development for forest-dependent communities. 

Nagaland is one of the top 35 biodiversity hotspots in the world and home to 407 Community Conservation Areas (CCAs), which are community-owned and -managed lands, where local tribes actively conserve biodiversity and manage natural resources based on traditional practices and local bylaws.

We help villages develop and implement their Community Conservation Area Management Plans. To provide village councils with the resources and funds they need for their conservation efforts, we foster community enterprise activities, such as agribusiness and ecotourism.

We currently work across 25 community-managed forest sites, which are approximately 30,000 hectares combined. Our work touches over 75 villages and about 100,000 villagers.

Our Team

Kenono was founded as a response to the needs of the Rengma Naga Tribe. As a result, our team is proudly community-led, founded and steered by Nagas from the very communities we serve. This ensures our initiatives are deeply rooted in local knowledge and tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of our people, fostering a strong sense of ownership and collaboration in all our endeavors.

Ruchinilo Kemp

Founder & CEO

Rev. Haiwalo Apon


Soyhun Tep

Operational Director

Making Tseminyu a Model District

The Tseminyu District Committee on Green Growth and Sustainable Development Initiatives was created in 2023 as a direct response to the needs of the district planning and development board (DPDB).

The aim of the committee is to transform Tseminyu into a model district for green initiatives through community biodiversity conservation and carbon financing.

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